Look could be the most recent in Dating software for Festival Hook-Ups

Have you been to a music event want Coachella or Firefly and wondered which that hot man had been standing ten foot out, vocal along to every word-of your chosen band’s favorite track? Maybe you opted for to not go up and introduce your self. But perhaps you pulled your Tinder software and swiped remaining through a number of possible matches trying to locate their image.

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Should you thought discouraged at not being able to hook-up, or the nervousness had gotten the best of you, don’t get worried. A Dutch-based company has established an event-based relationship application the festival-attendee marketplace – so you can satisfy those people you identified in person but failed to actually get a chance to talk with.

Glance may be the most recent gimmick-driven free lesbian dating sites for over 50 application hitting the exam market, and it is at this time in beta only from inside the Netherlands. But the business has its own views ready on worldwide release.

Glance permits you not just to find individuals you might be drawn to at festivals, however, if you plan ongoing, it can hook you up-over the app beforehand, to arrange in order to meet and hang out in person when you are getting there.

Hendrik van Benthem, creator of look, calls this “event­-driven relationship.” In a statement the guy clarifies: “We reside in a society by which customers of services need relevance. Precisely why do you adjust your own plans to a romantic date that will probably develop into absolutely nothing, when your big date may arrive where you will end up anyway, enclosed by folks you’re feeling comfortable with?”

Look isn’t just for festival-goers. The software will get individuals launched who propose to end up being at the same night-club while doing so, also.

Glance founded in May 2015 in Amsterdam and “leading partners from occasion and enjoyment business.” The business owners behind Glance did not have any start up investors, and are also money the firm by themselves. Says van Benthem: “We chatted to several VC’s from States as well as the Netherlands. Awesome to talk with those. They work on a special amount and then we discovered much. Ideal experience ended up being a gathering inside the private jet of Dan Bilzerian. Wild. But there never was actually a match…”

Look will come in the software shop for apple’s ios and Play shop for Android os, and info is on their internet site. It really is at this time only available for activities into the Netherlands nevertheless the business plans to release internationally shortly.